Redstar is always at your service with its fully ICU-equipped Air Ambulance, together with an experienced team to deal with all your evacuation and repatriation requests. Redstar, with its 30 years of accumulated experience is able to provide you globally assistance and a a worldwide service using its large network of providers.

Redstar’s Aircraft are specially designed for Air Ambulance service, and are equipped with ICU stretchers and state-of-the-art on board medical equipment. The aircraft and her crew are fully approved by all local and international authorities and comply with all the latest safety guidelines and rules. The medical equipment on board provides the highest care for the patient being transported on each Air Ambulance mission. On every mission at least one Medical Doctor and one Registered Nurse accompanies the patient at all times. On missions where specialist care is required, Redstar is able to source the correct Medical Professional from its large network of experienced flying doctors.

IAG Accredited Service Provider
Our team is capable of organising the following tasks upon request:
  • Issuance of a “Fit to Fly” report for the patient.

  • Medical facility referral.

  • Assistance with Visa, Customs and Immigration requirements.

  • Bed-to-bed transfer.

  • Ground Ambulance organisation on departure and arrival.

  • Medical follow-up services

2 Stretcher Patients & 2 Companion comfortably seated:

Under this configuration we can accommodate two stretcher patients as well as four patients, family members or companions seated normally in the cabin. The number of cabin seats available is decided in advance by the Redstar Medical Team.

Wing-to-Wing Transfer:

Redstar's Aircrafts are based in Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW/LTFJ). This prime location gives quick access to medical cases arising in the local area. To optimise time, money and resource management, the Air Ambulance Aircraft can be positioned at a moment’s notice to collect a patient in the local area, whilst at the same time a partner company can position their aircraft at a convenient, mutually agreed transfer airfield. For further details please contact our team

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