Redstar offers a Medical Escort Service for patients who are in need of medical assistance, travelling between local and international routes on commercial airlines. Such a service should be considered as an alternative means of medical evacuation for patients who do not need to utilise our Air Ambulance Aircraft. Depending on the requirements and restrictions placed upon us by the airlines, the patient can be transferred onto an airliner either on a stretcher, wheelchair, or assisted to his or her seat with the minimum of disturbance.

Our Redstar Medical Staff, with their extensive Aero-medical experience are able to communicate in a variety of languages, and can travel freely all over the world, accompanying the patient on Medical Escort Missions. The Medical Escort is not only responsible for the care of the patient, but also to ensure a smooth and safe transfer for all concerned. A professional medical service will be provided by the Redstar team, by utilising special equipment, if needed, during the course of the Medical Escort Mission.

Redstar is capable of organising all the logistical needs required both
by patient and companions during a Medical Escort Mission. Such logistical requirements are including but not limited to the following:
  • Obtaining and issuing a “Fit-to-Fly” report for the patient.

  • Stretcher and/or seat arrangement on commercial airlines.

  • Medical oxygen supply and monitoring on commercial airlines.

  • Ground Ambulance, Check In, wheelchair assistance, passport control, customs and immigration etc.

The advantages of using Redstar Medical Escort services are:
  • Cost Efficiency.

  • Benefiting from the network offered by commercial airlines.

  • Variety of stretcher/seat options available for patients.

  • Close medical monitoring will be provided by trained medical professionals.




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