Redstar Aviation (RSA) aims to be the permanent leader of the sector by improving customer satisfaction and quality under the framework of its standards and values, whilst contributing to Air Ambulance, Air Transportation and Assistance Services. 


In order to give high quality services according to international aviation regulations and ISO 9001-2015 standards of Air Ambulance, Off-shore, Air Charter and other aviation services. We aim to:


  • Maintain a high level of flight safety and security,

  • Ensure the comfort of all our customers using our services,

  • Provide maximum customer satisfaction by performing our services to the best of our ability,

  • Ensure Staff training will be optimised to increase operational efficiency,

  • Maintain high standards within our organisation whilst striving to improve our operations,

  • Protect the balance of nature by acting in a socially responsible manner.


RSA's ongoing quality mission shall be provide high quality standards, work with all departments and partners, maintain a constant information flow and react accordingly to feedback retrieval.


RSA management is firmly committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and service. Safety is best expressed as, the way RSA does business and is not to be compromised. No mission or activity is so important or time critical that it cannot be done safely. With this policy; in order to maintain her safety-goal of zero accidents – minimum serious incidents RSA has implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System. This System is designed to prevent all accidents, incidents, injuries, and illness. The success of any Safety Management System depends on the safety consciousness and co-operation of everyone in the organization. Employees at all levels are expected to assist in the prevention of work place accidents and injuries. To foster this safety-consciousness we are implementing “Just Culture” approach within the organization. It is vital to have a culture of open reporting of all safety hazards. Management will not initiate disciplinary action against any personnel who, in good faith, discloses a hazard or safety occurrence due to unintentional conduct. This culture fosters a way of safety-thinking that promotes a questioning attitude, is resistant to complacency, is committed to excellence, and ensures both personal accountability and departmental self-regulation in safety matters. The Accountable Manager is responsible for the implementation and management of the company’s SMS. A Safety Manager to manage the Safety Management System is appointed and it is expected from all managers and personnel to support Safety Manager by working together and understanding that our company is strengthened by making safety excellence as an integral part of all our activities.

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