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I hope you all have a great summer season! We most certainly enjoyed the past few weeks in Afghanistan, Mali, Sudan, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab EmiratesKazakhstan, Tajikistan,.... and more because our schedule was JAM PACKED (still is) since beginning of June. There are a bunch of different places my colleagues have visited and performed missions. I personally wasn’t on the flights; however, have heard Dakar and Bamako were great experiences for our crew who transferred two difficult patients. One patient was on the edge even with high-flow O2 according to our medical crew. I’m glad that we can always trust their judgement thanks to their experience and professional job they perform. 

As the above example, we mostly talk about specific missions or events during our flights. This piece is more focused on our overall performance, the issues we are facing and fun (stress) we have in and between.

As I type this down, one of our MedCrew is flying back from US after successfully delivering a patient on an a Medical Escort mission from Middle East. The request was very simple from the beginning, all logistical arrangements and preparations though were tremendously time consuming however at the end it was like always a successfully accomplished mission. Do you know the game “Jenga”? Removing one wrong block can collapse the entire tower; in this case, it might ruin your entire mission. Luckily for us, our Operations Manager Mr. Bolukbas is composing all pieces together like a symphony. I call it “a harmonious combination of elements”! Of course it is never easy since an entire office with different teams and departments has to work simultaneously and efficient. Still, the tower is getting higher and better with every case…

Now alone getting permits for Afghanistan (seven air ambulance missions last month) and other countries was a pain and caused tension at the office which you could literally smell. Our internal system is showing how long it “normally” takes to get a permit based on past experience, but there are too many factors in the background which cannot be foreseen as such political issues, NOTAMs, slow communication between authorities or long lasting bureaucracy to process our application. Now all this and of course more are a bundle of matters which are causing delays. You have to love this job, otherwise it would be an unbearable nightmare with each and every mission.

--Time sensitive organizations in a region which has the most chaotic problems-- 

It is not always the landing permit! Some to mention are shortage of fuel at a critical technical stop location, working hours of patient pick-up & delivery airport could not match, VISA for crew might be needed or the medical condition of patient could drastically change to the worst. For sure the availability of all logistics are being checked through our agencies before commencing a mission, however it is certainly proved that whatever prior confirmation you receive at some locations does not match with the reality on-site. Some say “do not panic” and fix one problem at a time – True! We, at Redstar, (which I strongly believe is one of the best attributes we have) are saying; show transparency and honesty to all relevant parties first then try to fix the issue. We address the situation properly, either be good or bad, and inform the client what exactly happened together with a set of solutions available to remedy the current situation.

These past few weeks have proven to be exciting, yet challenging. We love the fact that we have been given a huge amount of cases around the globe, as well as being recognized as a global provider for air medical services.  

As you may already know, we are operating two Bombardier Learjet 45’s with multiple flight crews. Furthermore the number of perfomerd-accomplished missions are rising with positive client feedbacks.

Redstar is currently spending efforts to strengthen her operations and develop capabilities for a brighter future with greater challenges to face. The dedication of our team and the support of our partners and clients has and still is the key for our progress and we are looking forward to work with you in future cases.

Wishing you all a great season!


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