Brave Little Girl!

Our crew transferred on July, 13 2017 a 3 year old female child who sustained multiple burns after pouring accidentally a pot of boiling milk over her body. After assessment and initial care in a local hospital in Tirana, the physician determined the patient had sustained an estimated 50% BSA (body surface area) burn—primarily located on the chest, back, abdomen and legs (3rd degree).

The life-threatening situtation of the girl affected the whole community in Tirana and the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama. After getting more details about the case Prime Minister Edi Rama promised the familiy to bear all expenses for her treatment.

Redstar (TC-CMB Air Ambulance Aircraft) was actviated  to transfer the little brave girl to a special clinic in Istanbul, Turkey which is specialized in burn victims. Our experienced medical team completed the mission with flying colors and tried to cheer her up with a small gift. We hope she will get well soon and recovers quickly.

Local News Link: Click!

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