Redstar joins the International Assistance Group (IAG)

Dear Valued Colleagues, Partners and Clients,

We are proud and very excited to announce that Redstar Aviation (RSA) has recently joined the International Assistance Group (IAG) as an Accredited Service Provider for air medical services. IAG is a unique global alliance with a worldwide network of more than 140 independent assistance companies, and qualified service providers operating across all five continents. The partners of IAG are supporting over 181 million end users worldwide. One of the key strengths of the alliance lies in the fact that they partner with established local companies, hand-picked in line with stringent quality criteria, including an average of 15 years of experience in their respective markets. This philosophy is reflected in everything they do and is summarized by their motto: “Local Partners. Global Solutions.”

Furthermore, the accreditation program of IAG is globally recognized by leading international industry peers and will boost Redstar’s position among the service providers, especially in its region.

Redstar is a trusted provider of qualified, quick response, 24-Hour Air Ambulance services covering the EMEA and ASIA region. The fleet of dedicated ICU Air Ambulance Jets is capable of transporting multiple patients in comfort, with the highest standard of care. Moreover, Redstar Aviation has the operational expertise and resources to manage the unique challenges of medical evacuations out of “war-torn” and “politically unstable” areas such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Iraq.

“As an established alliance of global assistance players, the International Assistance Group needs to ensure that we have the right resources, in the right place and delivering quality services to agreed standards. Redstar’s strategic position and regional capabilities strengthens our alliance and what can be delivered to client companies including insurance entities, assistance companies and international corporations,” said Cécile Hermetz, General Manager at International Assistance Group.

RSA is also an associate of Gulf Helicopters Company (GHC), a leading rotor- wing provider in the Middle East which conducts onshore-offshore operations with 50+ helicopters out of Doha. This cooperation allows RSA to use Doha as a hub station for air ambulance missions.

We understand the intricacies of air ambulance operations. With Redstar you have the assurance of absolute quality, utmost privacy and highly personalised service.If you are interested in getting further information about our company or its various services, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 active Alarm Center!

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